3 Simple Solutions To Take Control Of Your Inflammation

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Meet Bonnie

Bonnie is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Restorative Wellness Practitioner, and speaker. In clinical practice, she works with individuals and groups with a primary focus on creating a customized approach to reducing inflammation and accelerated aging, digestive health, weight loss and hormone balance for longevity.
Bonnie’s unique approach provides clients with effective, realistic solutions and lasting results. Bonnie simplifies nutritional concepts, and through functional or genetic testing, helps her clients focus on what’s most relevant for them to heal. She provides her clients with the tools to integrate these solutions into their busy life and helps them to feel confident in making the right decisions long-term.
In addition to running a busy nutrition practice, Bonnie has created an introductory Anti-Inflammatory Guide as well as a comprehensive, group program called Pain-Free Naturally.
Bonnie has been interviewed by Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, Vista Magazine and Rogers TV. For further informative articles and current information on nutrition and health, follow Bonnie on her website, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.