6 Wine Styles of Summer Mini Course

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Meet Erin Rosar

Erin Rosar is an accredited and renowned Sommelier and founder of Wine Girl Academy based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Finding a niche and an overlooked market in the wine world, Erin began focusing on teaching, speaking, and writing about wine in a manner that appealed to women. Wine Girl Academy was founded on the principle that learning about wine should be fun, entertaining, and easy to understand without any “snobby” wine attitude.
Erin has been an inspiring teacher of the world’s wines, beers, and spirits for over 17 years and feels it is a privilege to make learning about wine easy to understand and useable for her students. Erin’s uncomplicated and practical style ensures that her courses appeal to wine enthusiasts of all ages and levels. Watch for more details coming soon on the official Wine Girl Academy launch in the summer of 2021