Embracing Your Sexuality

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Meet Alexandra

Growing up in Toronto Canada, Alexandra discovered her passion for working with people. Her first career took her to Los Angeles to work in the entertainment industry, specifically in television and film. While earning her Master’s of Science degree at California State University, Northridge, she became interested in a focus on sex and sex therapy and is now working toward a PhD. in Human Sexuality. She chose this specialty because she wanted to empower women to explore and express their sexuality, encouraging body positivity at every age and stage of life with the goal of improving self-esteem and confidence. She currently practices as an associate marriage and family therapist at the Shape (Sexual Health and Pleasure Enhancement) Center in Beverly Hills, California
Her approach to sex and sexual expression is rooted in the belief that every human has the right to achieve full sexual citizenship, incorporating sexual expression, sexual health, and well-being, no matter their age, gender, physical limitations, or sexual preference. At the SHAPE Center, a space dedicated to sex positivity and inclusion focusing on both the mind and the body, Alexandra connects with couples and individuals who are experiencing stigma, exclusion, or a lack of confidence in their ability to claim or reclaim their sexual health, offering a non-judgmental, inclusive approach to support clients and their families